Xpert 40 / 1030

The compact speed machine for cost effective small parts

Many users bend small parts on press brakes that are far too large. Such bending requires only a third of the machine’s press capacity and bending length. This is not efficient. What these users are missing is a small, portable machine.

With a bending length of one meter, the Xpert 40 can deploy a press capacity of 40 tons. This small press brake has a footprint of only 2.5 square meters. In the smallest space, the Xpert 40 reaches a bending speed of up to 25 millimetres per second. This means users can bend small parts three times faster than on a large machine. The Xpert 40 is portable which is ideal for when space is tight and capacities fluctuate. For example, it can be positioned directly adjacent to a laser cutting system, to temporarily improve the interface of the laser cutting and bending production flow. Afterwards, it can be moved to a position near a turret or powder coating line.

Plug and Bend

When space is a bottleneck in the production area or when the production requirement is fluctuating, it is good when your equipment keeps you flexible. The machine can be placed anywhere in the factory in less than 5 minutes.

Ergo friendly

Similar to high standard office working environments the “Ergo arm support” facilitates adjustment of the height in different positions and the distance of the machine table within seconds ensuring the best ergonomic working environment for the operator.

Best process efficiency

The Xpert 40 is a fully functional press brake and can be supplied with all the options available for the large format press brakes, including Observer and ByVision Voice Control.

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