CO2mpact Beam Delivery

The CO2mpact range from ULO Optics is a cost-effective solution to beam delivery that is easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to order.

Laser users require high quality, low maintenance beam delivery components priced in proportion to their laser investment. Complex beam delivery systems can prove to be costly if a skilled technician is required to spend many hours on alignment and maintenance. The CO2mpact range has been specifically designed to address this issue.

CO2mpact is a complete series of products that fulfil beam handling requirements from the laser mount to the nozzle tip. The units have clear apertures up to 19mm and are suitable for lasers up to 500W.

The range includes standard items like mirror blocks, nozzles, tubes, shutter units and also more advanced products like reflection isolators and manual attenuators. The CO2mpact Beam Delivery System is available for 10.6 µm and for 9.3 µm lasers.

Almost all parts can be delivered immediately from our stock. As part of our standard service, we check every inquiry to ensure all parts will connect together and make a complete system. If we think for any reason that something may have been overlooked, you will be contacted to discuss all the available options.

For information, please contact us.

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