LMC Laser – ULO Optics

Partners in optics for over 25 years

As one of the top infrared optics manufacturers in the world, ULO Optics have been designing, manufacturing and supplying CO2 laser optics, and mid-IR optics for thermal imaging and sensing since 1982, meeting the needs of many types of customers from end users with custom requirements to large laser manufacturers or OEMs.

ULO Optics manufactures a wide range of laser components including CO₂ lenses, CO₂ mirrors, CO₂ cavity optics, and f-Theta scanner optics. ULO uses the latest high performance coatings including the UltraLO AR/AR coating for high-power lasers.

ULO Optics also manufactures a range of CO₂ beam delivery systems for industrial applications. We are leading the drive to make sophisticated beam delivery equipment much more affordable without compromising quality.


ULO Optics is an ISO certified company and quality is at the heart of everything they do. With a host of industrial affiliations you can rely on ULO Optics to deliver.

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