ByTrans 4020 Extended

ByTrans 4020 Extended

Large-format automation

Bystronic has expanded the existing ByTrans Extended automation module to now offer the 4020 format. This automation unit handles the entire shuttle table loading and unloading process on 4020-format laser cutting systems, helping users to maximize material flow when laser cutting. The ByTrans 4020 Extended requires just 75 seconds to load a metal sheet and subsequently unload the cutting table.

Customer Benefits

Simplify processes

Simplify your material flow I

  • Less manual handling required
  • Simple operation with operating terminal

Simplify your material flow II

  • Double raw material capacity (two cassettes)
  • Ready for follow-up processes – large parts removal & automatic insertion of plastic sheet separators

Double raw material capacity

Large parts removal

Automatic insertion of plastic sheet separators

Reduce costs

Competitive price per part

  • Costs per cutting hour are reduced by approximately 18%
  • ByTrans Extended is amortized within approximately 2 years

Increase efficieny

Speed up your material flow

  • Loading / unloading in only 75 seconds (patented material flow)
  • Faster than the shortest cutting plan
  • The cutting machine never has to wait for material
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