Xpert 40 / 1030

The compact speed machine for cost effective small parts

Many users bend small parts on press brakes that are far too large. Such bending requires only a third of the machine’s press capacity and bending length. This is not efficient. What these users are missing is a small, portable machine.

With a bending length of one meter, the Xpert 40 can deploy a press capacity of 40 tons. This small press brake has a footprint of only 2.5 square meters. In the smallest space, the Xpert 40 reaches a bending speed of up to 25 millimetres per second. This means users can bend small parts three times faster than on a large machine. The Xpert 40 is portable which is ideal for when space is tight and capacities fluctuate. For example, it can be positioned directly adjacent to a laser cutting system, to temporarily improve the interface of the laser cutting and bending production flow. Afterwards, it can be moved to a position near a turret or powder coating line.

Plug and Bend

When space is a bottleneck in the production area or when the production requirement is fluctuating, it is good when your equipment keeps you flexible. The machine can be placed anywhere in the factory in less than 5 minutes.

Ergo friendly

Similar to high standard office working environments the “Ergo arm support” facilitates adjustment of the height in different positions and the distance of the machine table within seconds ensuring the best ergonomic working environment for the operator.

Best process efficiency

The Xpert 40 is a fully functional press brake and can be supplied with all the options available for the large format press brakes, including Observer and ByVision Voice Control.

ByTrans 4020 Extended

ByTrans 4020 Extended

Large-format automation

Bystronic has expanded the existing ByTrans Extended automation module to now offer the 4020 format. This automation unit handles the entire shuttle table loading and unloading process on 4020-format laser cutting systems, helping users to maximize material flow when laser cutting. The ByTrans 4020 Extended requires just 75 seconds to load a metal sheet and subsequently unload the cutting table.

Customer Benefits

Simplify processes

Simplify your material flow I

  • Less manual handling required
  • Simple operation with operating terminal

Simplify your material flow II

  • Double raw material capacity (two cassettes)
  • Ready for follow-up processes – large parts removal & automatic insertion of plastic sheet separators

Double raw material capacity

Large parts removal

Automatic insertion of plastic sheet separators

Reduce costs

Competitive price per part

  • Costs per cutting hour are reduced by approximately 18%
  • ByTrans Extended is amortized within approximately 2 years

Increase efficieny

Speed up your material flow

  • Loading / unloading in only 75 seconds (patented material flow)
  • Faster than the shortest cutting plan
  • The cutting machine never has to wait for material

Observer V1.1

Machine Monitoring Service

The location-independent 24/7 accessibility to manufacturing processes and business procedures becomes more important for modern companies in sheet metal processing.

The monitoring service Observer from Bystronic is a system for web-based and camera-aided remote-monitoring of all production processes on cutting AND bending machines.

The access to Observer is done via Bowser interface. Therefore, this application is compatible with all Internet-capable devises as desktop computers, notebooks, tablets or smartphones.

The visual monitoring of Bystronic cutting machines themselves is carried out by webcams. The connection between the machine and the corresponding device of the user takes place within the company network (LAN) or via Internet.

Different viewing options in Observer (examples)

Listing of the cutting and bending machines

Observer via Browser-Interface (cutting and bending machine)

Listing of cutting plans

Observer via Webcam(cutting and bending machine)

Customer benefit

Observer provides the ideal basis for the improvement of manufacturing processes and reduction of production costs. This monitoring service delivers real time information about:

  • operating mode and current production process respectively downtime of every connected machine
  • planned jobs and cutting plans per machine
  • cutting plans in progress inclusive current production state (per machine)
  • listed messages of every machine (passive)
  • condition of the machine and upcoming maintenance
  • alerts via e-mail in case of machine downtime, failure and before cutting end of the sheet

New features

  • Available for Bending machines with ByVision Bending and ByMotion Control
  • Integrated Stop Button
  • Ability to take a screen shoot

Trust Pack Fiber

Trust Pack Fiber

Bystronic has expanded the existing warranty on the BySprint Fiber laser with a new service package.

Innovative technology, outstanding quality and excellence in service, are what Bystronic are renowned for. A new special service for customers with a fiber laser cutting machine is now available, it is the Trust Pack Fiber. Bystronic has expanded the existing warranty on the BySprint Fiber with a credit package which is transparent, predictable and without risks.

Customer Benefit

Bystronic offers a full warranty on the BySprint Fiber for the first year as before.

Starting in the second year a customer with Trust Pack Fiber will get a credit note of 100% of all high value parts of the laser source. This includes laser power modules, combiner, control, feeding fiber, and cutting head (without consumables such as nozzles, nozzle body, protection glass…). As of the third year the credit note for high value parts of the laser source will be 50%. In the fourth year Bystronic finally overtakes 25% of the costs on such high value parts. Every customer can profit from this trust package, there is no investment needed.

Trust Pack for high value fiber source parts, NEW parts

RPP Regulated Pulsed Piercing

Regulated Pulsed Piercing (RPP)

Customer benefits:

  • Average reduction of piercing time of 30%
  • Very fast and reliable, regulated piercing without “boiling” or “explosions”, regardless of the sheet metal quality, i.e.

– regardless of the sheet metal temperature

– regardless of the exact sheet metal composition

  • Reduced contamination of nozzle and lens
  • Easy operation (less parameters)


Technical Information

The new Regulated Pulsed Piercing (RPP) comprises two main components

1. Laser Piercing Monitor

The Laser Piercing Monitor analyses the reflected light in order to

  • enable an automatic calculation of the best parameters to be used for the piercing process, i.i. automatic regulation of the optimal peircing parameter
  • allow cutting as soon as the material has been pierced through, i.e. immediate stop of piercing when the material has been perforated


Laser Piercing Monitor

2. Piercing Jet

While piercing, nitrogen (C) is blownin the direction of the piercing ponit on the sheet. The nitrogen is fed by the Piercing Jet (A) with an exchangeable nozzle (B). The Piercing Jet leads to a cooling of the piercing point on the sheet.

Piercing Jet

Fiber Power Cut

BySprint Fiber 6000 Power Cut

High quality cuts in the thick sheet metal range

High quality cuts in sheet thicknesses up to 30 millimeters. This is possible thanks to the Power Cut Fiber option, which Bystronic is now offering on the BySprint Fiber 6000.

Power Cut Fiber increases the range of thicknesses that can be processed in the following materials:



Standard  Thickness up to: 

Benefit Power Cut in %

Power Cut Fiber Thickness up to:

Mild steel 

20 mm

+ 25%

25 mm

Stainless steel

15 mm

+ 100%

30 mm


15 mm

+ 100%

30 mm


10 mm

+ 50%

15 mm


10 mm

+ 20%

12 mm

This opens up new possibilities for fiber laser cutting with the BySprint Fiber!

Increase efficiency

Cut in the top league

  • New fields of application
  • With Power Cut Fiber, users can now cut material thickness up to 30 millimeters



Voice Control

Why walk…

During an average shift, a machine operator “hikes” more than 1 km to the control unit to make corrections or similar adjustments.

This calculation is based on approximately 8 to 12 job changes per shift and a bending lenght of 3100 mm.

The distance is equivalent to roughly 330 lined-up Xpert 150/3100 machines.

This equals approximately 2 hours per shift or 15 minutes per hour, during which the operator’s time is taken up by walking.

During these 2 jours, the operator coild be producing additional parts.

… when you can talk?

Talk prdouctivity – reduction of non-productive time and unnecessary walking distances.

The voice control allows the 17 most important operations to be input directly by voice via the headset.


  • Adjustment of angles, upper beam position and speed
  • Opening and closing of clamps
  • Navigating through the ByVision Bending menu

Technology Twins

Technology twins


BySprint Fiber + Xcite

The fastest combination for thin – medium parts


Designed to be a winning team!

Bystronic developers have created the ultimate winning team in the thin – medium sheet metal range.

The combination of BySprint Fiber, with the fastest cutting speeds in thin and medium sheet thicknesses, with the Xcite and its fastest bending cycle times, results in a winning team for environments where speed and maximum parts output, and the resulting low production costs are crucial.

The technology twins, BySprint Fiber and Xcite achieve a maximum level of productivity. The fiber laser machine’s high output rate in the thin – medium sheet metal range combined with the Xcite’s high speed form an unbeatable team.

  • BySprint Fiber has the highest cutting speeds in the thin sheet metal range and produces significantly more parts per period of time
  • Low operating costs because of fiber laser technology (higher degree of energy efficiency, no laser gas)

  • Low maintenance costs, because it does not utilize a compressor

  • Xcite has the fastest feed rates and therefore the highest parts output

  • Low maintenance costs, because it operates without hydraulics

If for the most part thin and small parts are processed, while occasionally processing non-ferrous metals, the BySprint Fiber and the Xcite keep the processes streamlined.

The combination of the two machines with BySoft 7 brings the production process and thereby the team to perfection.

Get fast with a winning team! – BySprint Fiber and Xcite and BySoft 7.

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