Fiber Power Cut

BySprint Fiber 6000 Power Cut

High quality cuts in the thick sheet metal range

High quality cuts in sheet thicknesses up to 30 millimeters. This is possible thanks to the Power Cut Fiber option, which Bystronic is now offering on the BySprint Fiber 6000.

Power Cut Fiber increases the range of thicknesses that can be processed in the following materials:



Standard  Thickness up to: 

Benefit Power Cut in %

Power Cut Fiber Thickness up to:

Mild steel 

20 mm

+ 25%

25 mm

Stainless steel

15 mm

+ 100%

30 mm


15 mm

+ 100%

30 mm


10 mm

+ 50%

15 mm


10 mm

+ 20%

12 mm

This opens up new possibilities for fiber laser cutting with the BySprint Fiber!

Increase efficiency

Cut in the top league

  • New fields of application
  • With Power Cut Fiber, users can now cut material thickness up to 30 millimeters



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