Technology Twins

Technology twins


BySprint Fiber + Xcite

The fastest combination for thin – medium parts


Designed to be a winning team!

Bystronic developers have created the ultimate winning team in the thin – medium sheet metal range.

The combination of BySprint Fiber, with the fastest cutting speeds in thin and medium sheet thicknesses, with the Xcite and its fastest bending cycle times, results in a winning team for environments where speed and maximum parts output, and the resulting low production costs are crucial.

The technology twins, BySprint Fiber and Xcite achieve a maximum level of productivity. The fiber laser machine’s high output rate in the thin – medium sheet metal range combined with the Xcite’s high speed form an unbeatable team.

  • BySprint Fiber has the highest cutting speeds in the thin sheet metal range and produces significantly more parts per period of time
  • Low operating costs because of fiber laser technology (higher degree of energy efficiency, no laser gas)

  • Low maintenance costs, because it does not utilize a compressor

  • Xcite has the fastest feed rates and therefore the highest parts output

  • Low maintenance costs, because it operates without hydraulics

If for the most part thin and small parts are processed, while occasionally processing non-ferrous metals, the BySprint Fiber and the Xcite keep the processes streamlined.

The combination of the two machines with BySoft 7 brings the production process and thereby the team to perfection.

Get fast with a winning team! – BySprint Fiber and Xcite and BySoft 7.

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