Observer V1.1

Machine Monitoring Service

The location-independent 24/7 accessibility to manufacturing processes and business procedures becomes more important for modern companies in sheet metal processing.

The monitoring service Observer from Bystronic is a system for web-based and camera-aided remote-monitoring of all production processes on cutting AND bending machines.

The access to Observer is done via Bowser interface. Therefore, this application is compatible with all Internet-capable devises as desktop computers, notebooks, tablets or smartphones.

The visual monitoring of Bystronic cutting machines themselves is carried out by webcams. The connection between the machine and the corresponding device of the user takes place within the company network (LAN) or via Internet.

Different viewing options in Observer (examples)

Listing of the cutting and bending machines

Observer via Browser-Interface (cutting and bending machine)

Listing of cutting plans

Observer via Webcam(cutting and bending machine)

Customer benefit

Observer provides the ideal basis for the improvement of manufacturing processes and reduction of production costs. This monitoring service delivers real time information about:

  • operating mode and current production process respectively downtime of every connected machine
  • planned jobs and cutting plans per machine
  • cutting plans in progress inclusive current production state (per machine)
  • listed messages of every machine (passive)
  • condition of the machine and upcoming maintenance
  • alerts via e-mail in case of machine downtime, failure and before cutting end of the sheet

New features

  • Available for Bending machines with ByVision Bending and ByMotion Control
  • Integrated Stop Button
  • Ability to take a screen shoot
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